Yoga of Recovery


In today’s society filled with excess stimulation, extreme pressure to succeed and the extensive use of technology and social media, we can often lose touch with ourselves and slowly become dependent on one or more methods of escape or mood altering solutions.  The stress of everyday life in this competitive world can also influence the way we eat, the way we sleep and the way we spend our free time.  Eventually, we may find less time to take care of ourselves and therefore seek external solutions for stress relief, satisfaction and stimulation.  We may feel that in the moment, it is the perfect solution for our needs but in the long-term this can result in depression, burnout, insomnia, addiction and other health problems and illnesses.

Addictive and self-destructive behaviors are taking over our society and are interfering with many people’s ability to maintain their health and their connection to their true self.  This can include over-dependence on cell phones, technology, social media, work, television, shopping, people, sugar, caffeine, exercise, gaming, food, relationships, alcohol, smoking, medication and other harmful substances.  Long-term use of these means often results in behavioral and process addictions, compulsive and destructive behaviors and substance addictions.  These can develop in the form of a primary addiction or several cross addictions that can manifest themselves innocently at first and then grown into a greater dependence over a period of time. The connection to oneself is gradually lost over time and dependence on outside solutions is used to satisfy what is actually an inner need.

Yoga of Recovery provides a holistic approach to recovery from these dependent and addictive behaviors using methods that focus on balancing the mind, body and spirit. The Yoga of Recovery program consists of 6 pillars, which help you to understand yourself better and what the underlying causes of your behavior(s) may be.  The 6 pillars guide you in understanding what you really need in order to feel balanced and well so that you can then let go of the need for unhealthy stimulation and escape.  The idea is to restore wholeness with a holistic approach.

Yoga of Recovery allows you to improve your health with practical tools and solutions that are enjoyable and promote self-care.   The Yoga of Recovery program helps you to reconnect with yourself, your spiritual self.   It guides you back to a state of well being by offering healthy, balanced lifestyle choices that are customized to your unique physical and emotional qualities.

Yoga of Recovery was first created in California by Durga Leela who has been teaching Yoga of Recovery training, retreats and workshops all over the United States, in the Bahamas and even in Vietnam.   It has gained significant popularity and we are pleased to offer this to Europe.  We are both certified counselors and trainers in the YOR program.

At Back2Balance, we hold workshops and provide personal counseling to teach others the benefits of YOR and to help restore wholeness to each individual that will allow them to live a healthy and balanced life.