At Back2Balance we offer unique and specialized workshops aimed at helping you achieve the best version of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Our workshop philosophy is focused on developing a sense of community amongst our students and enriching their lives.

We offer a variety of different workshops including yoga as well as topics on natural living, health and wellbeing. What makes our workshops worth attending is our extensive study and knowledge about the subjects we teach. We choose topics for which we are not only well qualified to teach but also have the life experience to add as well. Our teaching style is one of learning by doing, experimenting with what works for you, having fun and taking small but effective steps toward change and transformation.

Our workshops include time to foster community so that you can interact with like minded people and develop new friendships. We believe that being part of a strong community develops motivation and helps people achieve their goals more easily.

Experience for yourself and find out how we can help you enhance your life through learning, practicing and strengthening the connection between your body, mind and spirit.


Yoga - Kundalini Workshop -40 Day Challenge

Wednesday 8th May from 7 - 9 pm
Cost: with Abo CHF 30.- / without an Abo CHF 45 per session.

Do you sometimes struggle to implement a daily Yoga routine? You may find that everything else is more important and can`t make the time for it during your busy day.

Join this Kundalini Workshop and experience how strong a group commitment can be and how powerful it is to support each other. I will show you the practice that you will continue for 40 days and will also teach some additional Kriyas . You will learn how to create the discipline to practice for 40 days so that you can fully experience the tremendous benefits. We will meet up again twice during this time for support and motivation. Don’t hesitate and sign up for this powerful workshop.


Yoga - Naad Kundalini Workshop on Aligning Yourself With Your Inner Voice

Wednesday 29th May from 7 - 9 pm
Cost: with Abo CHF 30.- / without an Abo CHF 45.-

Are you sometimes unclear about your feelings, your future or even what is good for you and what isn’t?

In Kundalini Yoga there are some powerful tools to exactly cultivate this inner voice within you, which guides you safely through life. In this Workshop we are going to have an impactful Yoga practice and learn some mantras that will guide you through insecurity and difficult times.


Yoga - Pranayama Workshop

Wednesday 12th June 07.30 - 9 pm
Cost: with Abo CHF 25.- / without an Abo CHF 40.-

Breathing is one of the most important action we are doing several times every minute. It not only keeps us alive it also is a mirror for our emotions and our state of being. In this workshop we are diving really deep into our breathing patterns. We learn to observe the breath and we will use some different techniques to get the best out of our breath. Good breathing techniques immediately impact the nervous system and are one of the easiest ways to create calm or relaxing energy.


Essential Emotions Make & Take

Sunday 28th April - 2-4 pm
Cost: with Abo CHF 20- / without Abo CHF 25- Prices include 1 roll-on blend

In the workshop you will learn how to identify how to enhance emotions that serve you and release emotions that are counter productive. I will introduce you to the renowned book Essential Oils & Emotions- A Modern Guide for Healing and we will experiment with the Essential Oils Wheel to learn how to use it most effectively. We will also experiment with the most effective oils to support this process. You will then have a chance to make your own emotional support roll-on blends. This is not only a very informative workshop but also a lot of fun as we experiment and you make your own roll-on blends.
The class includes 1 roll-on blend, additional roll-ons can be purchased for 12 CHF each.


Holistic Spring Detox

Saturday 4th May 2-4:30 PM
Cost: with Abo CHF 25- /without Abo CHF 35-

Springtime is the best time to cleanse in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda. The transition from Winter to Spring supports the detoxification in a more powerful way than other times of the year. Join me to learn how to detoxify physically & emotionally so that you feel more energized, restored and rejuvenated. I teach simple but holistic approaches so that you can experience the maximum benefit without causing unnecessary disruption in your daily life.
You are also invited to learn how to make all natural cleaning products so that you can Spring clean your home with super effective products but without ANY harmful chemicals or toxins.
A complete All Natural Home Spring Cleaning Set is 30 cHF.


Holistic Health with Essential Oils

Saturday 11th May 15:30-17:00
Cost: with Abo CHF 10/ without Abo CHF 15

Join me to learn how Essential Oils can support all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Essential Oils are referred to as Nature’s Medicine Cabinet because the medicinal compounds found in Essential oils are used in most medicines today but unfortunately in chemically produced synthetic forms. Plus Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to support health & well being compared to synthetic forms of medication that have been around for just over 100 years. Nature has everything you need and I am here to teach you how to use these powerful resources for optimal health. Join me to learn all about it. The class is open to those new to essential oils as well as anyone who wants to learn more.



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  • Kundalini Workshop with Abo CHF 30.- / without Abo CHF 45.- per session

  • Naad Kundalini Workshop with Abo CHF 30.- / without Abo CHF 45.-

  • Pranayama Workshop with Abo CHF 25.- / without Abo CHF 40.-

  • Essential Emotions Make & Take with Abo CHF 20- / without Abo CHF 25-

  • Holistic Spring Detox with Abo CHF 25- / without abo CHF 35-

  • Holistic Health with Essential Oils with Abo CHF 10- / without Abo CHF 15-