Our Wellbeing Services


Well-being is defined as feeling well within ourselves. In today’s society we can often lose touch with what that really feels like. Whether is because of work or family pressures, financial worries, too many responsibilities or losing a sense of priorities, we can very easily lose our sense of well-being and feel out of balance. Our services at Back2Balance are specifically designed to help you to feel well within yourself - taking into consideration your individual circumstances and needs- we can support you on your way to finding balance and well-being again.



Back 2 Balance provides therapeutic massages. Often malposition or bone structures which diverge from their normal position can cause a vascular imbalance leading to stiffness and pain. The therapeutic massage helps to balance out the muscles and provide pain relief. It is a very important way to relax the nervous system, detoxify and provide overall wellbeing.



We offer various types of meditation in our yoga classes and in special classes or events. You can find many different opportunities to begin or enhance your meditation practice. We also offer private meditation classes where we help you find the meditation practice that is right and sustainable for you.


Yoga of Recovery

We are uniquely qualified to offer Yoga of Recovery classes and coaching in Zurich. This is a special program that supports your recovery from addictive and self destructive behaviors. In today’s world, the extensive use of technology, mood-altering substances and everyday pressures may eventually lead us to seek unhealthy ways of escape. If you are on your path to recovery we can provide support. We are specialised in this program and will use our knowledge and experience to help you overcome the need for compulsive and addictive behaviors.



Sometimes we know that we should make a change or need to do something different in our lives but we don`t know how or where to begin. We are stuck with -shoulds-and continue to stay frustrated in our lives. Coaching can provide the answers you`re looking for. Nicole is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach and uses a dynamic and holistic coaching method that helps you find the solutions you are searching for. Whether it`s lifestyle, more fulfillment and balance in your life or a simple problem that keeps you stuck, she can guide you in the right direction.



Wellbeing Workshops

Our Wellbeing Workshops focus on topics relating to health, stress management, lifestyle and personal self-care.


Wellbeing Packages

Wellbeing Packages are especially designed so that you can find balance and wellness in the most effective way possible.