Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage is a very effective massage which uses a variety of techniques to soften the muscles and relax the nervous system.


Sports Massage

A short 20 minute massage to tone the muscles and prepare them for sports and protect the body structure from injuries. It’s a very fast paced massage.



Relaxing Massage

You`ll enjoy a total wind down of your whole system so that you can fully rejuvenate following this full body massage.


Cupping Massage

In this particular massage, glass cups are used to penetrate deep into your connective and vascular tissue. The cups are placed for a longer time on the skin so that it works very deep to release muscular tension and blockages..


How to book

Please write us an E-Mail to:
or give us a call: 044 557 62 66

  • Therapeutic massage 30, 60 or 90 Minutes available

  • Sport Massage 20 Minutes available

  • Relaxing Massage 60 or 90 Minutes available

  • Cupping 30 or 60 Minutes available