SAVA - In Balance & Harmony with Nature

SAVA products were created to provide a solution for those who would like to nourish themselves with all natural and organic ingredients. We use the best quality ingredients including Pure Essential Oils that also have an added physical and emotional therapeutic value. All of our products are hand made in Switzerland, with love, and are created to nourish & revitalize your body, mind and soul. 

Nicole created SAVA after she developed allergies that began because of chemicals and synthetic ingredients in the skin and body care products she was using. She spent a lot of money on products that she thought were safe – mostly because of their price; and many of which were even labeled natural and organic! What she didn’t know was that they were filled with toxins and artificial ingredients. Her body told her that they were not good for her through the allergic reactions so she started making her own products with ingredients she knew were straight from nature. They worked so well she decided to share these amazing products with others so they can experience the wonderful difference when you use the beauty of nature in your self-care and daily routine.



SAVA has 3 primary Natural & Organic product lines: Face, Body & Hair care. We also create tailor-made products based on clients` needs. We sell a variety of unique products from specialized producers that include smudging and crystals, chakra cleansing, essential oils, ayurvedic & yoga products. 

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Pure Essential Oils

Nicole is a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra Essential Oils. If you are interested in learning more about the best quality essential oils available she can help, Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or have already started your journey, she can show you how essential oils can support your individual health and wellbeing.


SAVA Living Workshops

Nicole offers classes and workshops that cover various topics on natural living & optimal well-being. Whether it’s using natural solutions for health and wellness or finding out where to start, she can help. Either in a tailored workshop or meeting one-on-one, her passion is sharing solutions for healthy living by reducing toxic load and using the power of nature to support your specific needs. Having personal experience with needing to transform her own lifestyle, she knows how challenging it can be. She makes it simple for you by finding solutions that are sustainable and effective.



If you want to start your journey to a healthier way of living a big part of that is by reducing toxins in your body and home. By using SAVA products and Pure Essential Oils as well as learning how to make healthier choices the process can be simple and enjoyable. We offer tailored packages to support you on your way and guidance that you can follow easily regardless of how busy your lifestyle is. Find out how easy healthy living can be!