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Michel Manser

I was born in 1977 in Zug. During my childhood I was living in Oberägeri in a beautiful valley in the canton of Zug. After I graduated from business school I moved to Zürich and started working in my family textile company. In my twenties my lifestyle became a complicated one with many unhealthy habits including partying, overworking, little sleep, unhealthy eating, etc. When I was 26 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which required strong medication. My lifestyle became even worse and as a result I ended up with a drug addiction; needless to say, things were looking very bad for me. Thankfully, I was able to take a 6 month time out at a Treatment Center where I was introduced to Vipassana and Yoga.

I continued to practice Yoga and meditation on a daily basis and my health improved. At the same time I became an active member of 12 step groups and combined with my Yoga and meditation practice, my life completely changed for the better. As a result of my healthy way of living and aligning myself according to my inner voice, I was able to make tremendous changes in my life. As my illness stabilized and the medication did more harm than good, I decided to try to stop my MS medication. So far it worked out well and I’m very happy that I can now live free of all mood-altering substances and strong medications. Today, I’m many years clean in recovery and very grateful for my path. I started to find my life mission and I decided to become a professional yoga instructor in Zurich and help other people achieve the astonishing results I experienced through my powerful tools I learned over the years.

Today I’m a Kundalini Yoga Teacher KRI and a Yoga of Recovery counselor. I hold certifications in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well. My 4-year Hatha Yoga study I did at the Yoga Academy Doris Echlin. I’m carrying the EMfit quality label and I am a member of the Swiss Yoga Association. In addition I’m a Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic massage.

Come and practice some Yoga with me. Your positive upward spiral will begin and your life changes for the better.

Nicole Spencer

I began my yoga journey while working in the corporate world of banking. After many years of overworking, a stressful & unhealthy personal & professional lifestyle, it finally took it`s toll. Instead of seeking effective solutions to deal with the ongoing challenges and stress in my life, I sought unhealthy and destructive methods including more work, mentally and verbally abusive relationships, cigarettes and alcohol. Needless to say, my life fell apart, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Fortunately, after some searching, I was able to find the right help and the necessary support to slowly regain my health and start to make the right changes in my life. This is where I say that my real life journey began.

I was introduced to Yoga & Ayurveda which taught me how to relieve my stress and find balance using the body, mind & breath as well as the wonderful resources that nature provides. I found support groups with people who were open to healing in the same way that I was. I sought therapy to help me to understand what had driven me to such extremes. This was only the beginning of my start to a new way of life.

When my life had fallen apart I felt cursed. With some time I could see that this was a tremendous gift as it has allowed me to find a completely new way of life; one filled with peace, joy, love and fulfillment My life is not perfect and either am I but I am forever grateful for what I went through as it brought me to where I am today. A perfectly imperfect person who found a meaningful purpose to my life; to support and teach others in need of the relief and healing that I once needed.

I left my career in 2015 and embarked on a completely new career teaching holistic health & healing practices. I`m a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and have completed several certifications including Hatha, Yin, Aroma Yoga, Children`s Yoga and Ayurvedic Yoga. In addition, I am certified as Yoga of Recovery Counselor & Trainer and a Certified Co-Active Professional Life Coach. I also work with DoTerra Essential Oils as a Wellness Advocate, have a Certification as an Essential Oils Coach and am in the process of receiving my Aromatherapy Certification.

If I have been able to make changes in my life and heal, anyone can! I will always be learning about balance and holistic healing and do not approach my journey with perfection, rather one of discovery and learning. I am happy to share my experience with others and know that everyone`s path to health and healing is an individual one. If you are seeking more wellbeing and balance in your life you are not alone. Contact me to see what’s possible and get the solutions & support you need.




For anyone who knows us or has been to our studio they know Nessa and how happily she greets everyone she meets. Nessa is not only part of our family but is also an important part of our team. She brings so much joy and love to our lives as well as anyone who spends time with her. You may also know that we did not expect Nessa to join our family but through a miracle she was brought into our lives and we can’t imagine life without her. She is truly a Yogi Dog and shows us every day how important it is to have peace, fun and love in our lives.